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Xuechunzi Bai 白 雪純子
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I am Bai (pronounce like bye)!

I am a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the
Department of Psychology, affiliated with the School of Public and International Affairs, the Program in Cognitive Scienceand the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning at Princeton University. I work with and learn from Susan Fiske, Tom Griffiths, and Alex Todorov.

My research topic centers around social cognition while integrating dynamic perspectives and computational methods. My current work focuses on the origin of social stereotypes. You can learn more about my work by reading [Research] and [Teaching] Statements.

I will join the University of Chicago as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, starting in July 2024 [
Illustrative Publications
figs in paper_edited_edited.jpg
  • Bai, X., Griffiths, T. L., & Fiske, S. T. (ms in prep). Exploring just enough? How implicit search cost can limit diversity. [preprint][slides]

    • This preprint is under active revision; please get in touch for an up-to-date draft.

  • Grigoryan, L., Bai, X., Durante, F., Fiske, S. T., Fabrykant, M., Maloku, E., Verbilovich, V., Hakobjanyan, A., Kadirov, K., Mullabaeva, N., Makashyili, A., Morozova-Larina, O., Yahiiaiev, I., Samekin, A., Berdyna, E. M. (2020). Stereotypes as historical accidents: Images of social class in post-communist versus capitalist societies. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. [paper] [data & code][slides]​

In leisure time, I dance (hip-hop), walk (my malamute), and play (mahjong).

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